Welcome to Our Website. Shape Afrika provides consultancy services to the private and public sectors as well as NGOs and UN agencies. The company is a market leader in the following consultancies: organizational research, corporate governance, strategic planning, project management, organizational policies, human resource skills development and monitoring and evaluation.

Why We Are The Preferred Choice. Shape Afrika recognizes that the delivery of the message is as important as the content details. As such, the organizational approach is geared towards tangible attitudinal positive change to leading a quality life. To this end, the training methodology is highly interactive skewed towards a participatory approach dominating over the conventional lecture approaches.

You Will Like Our Style. Training is normally carried out in-door with the use of a combination of training aids like slides, charts and LCDs. Ordinarily; training tends to zero in functional units for ease of learning together with adopting relevant departmental examples and practices. The approach undertaken by the trainers include case studies, group works and discussions among various creative psycho-social approaches recommended for adult training.